in-out referendum , Cameron says NO

Dan Hannan has a post on Cameron and his al jazeera interview, (link in the post) .

Cameron rejected the idea that an in-out referendum would resolve the question of EU membership and said he wanted to change the EU but remain a full member.

He is either the biggest retard going or simply just an absolute conman,in 2009 when his cast-iron guarantee of a referendum on lisbon was being bandied about  he said ‘We are the only major party to have consistently said that it is up to the British people to decide on our future in Europe.’

After the pitiful EU Bill and his consistent bowing to the european union since coming to office, it is no surprise,  why does he continue to be so  deceitful to the right-wing press and Parliament?

And the biggest joke is he identified climate change as the greatest challenge facing the next generation and global poverty as the greatest challenge of today. -When we know climate change is a con too, and global poverty, well I think Britain might like a space programme too!

utter quisling europhile conman, nothing more nothing less.


libdems embarrassment

Why should the Liberal Democrats, therefore Nick Clegg be embarrassed? The by-election of Barnsley looks set to place the party in fourth place behind UKIPs Jane Collins.

I don’t see why they should be embarrassed, it will become the norm soon enough, the liberal democrats seem to forget that they were once the party of protest where people would place there vote, only because they didn’t like the other two, now they have taken to being in government they should wake up and realise that to get elected you cannot tell the public what they want to hear , when you do not expect to gain any power, and then renege on your promises when you do.

However dumbed down society has become they are not complete fools.

Now it is the turn of UKIP I suspect to pick up those voters and who knows if they ever get power they may just do the same, but the liberal democrats cannot have it both ways.

They still seem to think they are not in government, Clegg forgets he’s holding the fort, and the rest of them mouth off their own beliefs disregarding collective responsibility at any chance they get.

This by-election looks to go to Labour at over 63% in the polls, seems the public may just be that stupid, siding with the nulab government that just left office, it seems elephants do forget.

speaker berCow

ConHome’s Paul Goodman has a post entitled Cameron wont strive to keep  Bercow alive, first point, is Tory ministers plot to oust bercow via secret ballot after the next election, or sooner if they can.

“Size, sex, anti-semitism, even Sally: all these are secondary problems for him.  The main one is that the wounds of his gradual and bitter divorce from the Conservative Party” is what Goodman puts it down to, yet there is no ‘conservative’ party anymore and a speaker is neutral, or didn’t they know this. I don’t personally like the speaker I actually preferred hearing Michael Martin’s ordure, ordure. and Bercow is an attention seeking bore. Though, this plot just shows that the so-called conservative partyheirarchy do not like being out of control or being told when they are wrong.

Goodman’s post also says that Cameron may have the final decision after the election to go ahead with the secret ballot, -in his dreams- Cameron will be lucky if he makes it to the next election as PM let alone, keeping his office after it.

Conhome gets more delusional by the day, does it not?

the ship is sinking

A post from witteringwitney compares the sinking of the country with the sinking of the titanic, now who’d want to bet. If/when the time comes, the cameroons+co don’t take the lifeboats first, leaving the rest of us to drown?


leader of the ‘opposition’ Ed Miliband (or was it David?) has said the governments response to the events in Liyba have ‘a whiff of incompetence to them’, more like a huge blowing gust.

It is not only the Prime Minister going off to the arab nations to sell military equipment, while trying to claim otherwise , and idiotically telling them how to run their countries, when he should sort out his own backyard. Nor is it this chump forgetting he was meant to be running the country on the ski slopes of Davos, while his side kick was being the salesman that he is. It is not even the muppet William Hague our supposed Foreign Secretary, who wouldn’t know democracy if it slapped him over the head.

The whole coalition, is an absolute shambles, it is as though all plans are thought of on the hoof and written on the back of a fag packet. a disaster in all  Foreign policy and  domestic policy areas alike. –the telegraph has an ‘exclusive’ whereby a letter states that we could not fight a war or anything of the sort, because the cupboard is bare, and the defence cuts are obviously not helping. If a Falklands were to happen tomorrow not only would there be no army to fight but we’d have these imbeciles in the coalition directing action, and then where would we be?

the Hague

With the whole of the west at a loss, as to what to do or say about the situation in Libya,  all the talk coming out of the cameroon puppet’s mouths, is neither here, nor there. But it is laughable to hear them call for democracy, the removal of Gaddafi, and then their calls for sanctions on the regime.

To listen to William Hague or David cameron. you would think, the United Kingdom, was the epitome of liberal democracy, that they played by the rules, and were not of a government stitched up in the backrooms of Whitehall.

Sure Gaddafi is corrupt, but didn’t they or for that matter Pressident Obama and Hilary Clinton, notice this before, or was it in their interest to keep silent? When the west has been playing an active role in the upkeep of all these corrupt and undemocratic regimes, why do they think these countries should listen to them, when they are just as much to blame for playing along. it is a bit late now to take the moral high ground.

Failure of the governments of the UK and US as oddly enough,  Ahmadinejad (the one the west seems to fear most) promises the countries of Europe, will likely result in similar situation where the people demand true democratic governance not the faux type we have at the moment.


The directgov census 2011 website gives this answer about what happens with answers given to the census;
“Your answers will be turned into statistics about the community and groups within it. Personal census information is kept confidential for 100 years and is not shared with government departments. ”

However, the census collection of personal  information in England and Wales allows/gives local councils,  businesses and central government to plan services that families and communities apparently need. So they get the information.

the question is what businesses, what departments of central government, and who in local government?

As if they do not have enough information about the population already! When this coalition came to power they purported to support the protection of privacy and civil liberties, initially scrapping ID cards, that was therefore only to save the extravagant costs the ID cards would incur.

the NO2ID  and big brother watch campaigns have lambasted this census 2011 and I agree, it is a waste of money which this country does not have. and is useless since people do not fill out the forms truthfully, and why should they.

Another example of this government going back on its word and extending the nanny state, just as nulab did.

where is cameron leading?

Lord Tebbit writes about various things today but the headline, has got the trolls, tapping.

This quote from the FT comment a few weeks ago, “when someone tells you something is too complex for you to understand it usually means they do not really understand it”, on cameron big society, sums up cameron+co’s whole programme for government, as everything that comes out from the coalition is linked to the BS big society, and it is beyond doubt that no-one really gets what cameron is trying to get at. The whole programme is what it says on the tin BS.

Today in the telegraph also, Cameron has an op-ed piece about , yes the big society, again, on how the government will ‘end the state monopoly’ over the public centre allowing business to provide services and shift power to the people , yep we’ve heard that before. But loookie here Cleggs speech on the future of the public sector and we see that he contradicts cameron (or vice-versa) as he says business’ will have no involvement, something Vince the Cable has also said.

And so,it is not clear where cameron does wants to take the country, what is clear  to see is where this government is actually going, -further integrated into the European project , evidenced in that today, William Hague has been chanting the EU line, on the issue’s of the uprisings and ‘massacres’ of Libya and the east, and also Kenneth Clarkes insistence on following the ‘rule of law’ that is the ECHR rulings which several lawyers have stated the UK does not have to comply and his ludicrous comparison with the Greek Colonels , means he is even more idiotic than previously thought.

disbelief at this government growing by the day.

heir to blair – he is not

Fraser Nelson posts this evening,” cameron has his back against the wall – now he must fight”, Nelson as usual give David Cameron the benefit of the doubt, (so, not as bad as d’ancona) but no.8 on DC himself is ridiculous, he says

“I’m a great believer in judging governments by what they do, not what they say. And this government is about as active, bold and radical as you could reasonably expect.”

not quite, he forgets that so far, all we have mainly  seen are policy announcements and u-turns, on policies which do not play well with the public and/or certain ‘slebs; if Cameron+co had thought through their policies instead of rushing them out, and setting deadlines for annoncements, this would not be a problem.

Nelson also says “There is no civil war in the Tory Party waiting to erupt.” I think there is, the rate of rebellions, previously unheard of shows that MPs realise that they are on their own with cameron as leader, his self-interest and arrogance mean he is out for himself, and everybody else can jump.

lastly the new beefed up strategy unit including andrew cooper and craig oliver, shows not only his disdain for ‘his’ own party but the lack of conviction nor  direction he has, cameron stillbelieves his party is the ‘nasty party’ so is on course to change it, further inclined to the left. So much so, were the coalition to split , (as i suspect) it would emerge  alike the SDP.

He wanted to be the ‘heir to blair’ but even blair had a bit more substance than this.


“The Independent on Sunday is not persuaded that Mr Cameron is an ideologically driven Thatcherite whose ruling purpose is to shrink the state. He may be, but it seems more likely that he does not in fact believe in much at all.”

“We are beginning to wonder whether the deeper, and just as worrying, truth is that the Prime Minister is simply somewhat incompetent.”

Finally, even The Independent newspaper, has seen sense , this is what I have thought for a few years now.

Quite evidently Cameron is not a thatcherite, nor even a conservative, now people are starting to wake up to the fact. Cameron has misled everyone, first his party  –they are the people who elected him leader all those years ago- simply because he gave a speech with no notes, and they foolishly believed he would hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty etc. (even sarkozy knew of his europhilia a while back).

Then we have the media, most of whom praised him as some sort of gift to the conservatives, he would change them, make them nice,hug hoodies, green and in touch. –evidently he is so out of touch- you only have to look at the number of climb downs so far, which he belatedly realises don’t bode well with the public.

Furthermore, we still do not have a clear idea of what if anything he actually believes in, while many claim the big society is a cover for cuts, that may or may not be true, still the big society is such a fuzzy idea, not many people know what he means by it, even his own deputy PM hesitates to endorse the theme.

Cameron’s style of governance is to sit back and watch as the whole country burns, so relaxed is he, that he is allowing Andrew Lansley, wreck havoc on the NHS without this shake-up having been in the conservatives or any other parties manifesto. I find it harder and harder to believe he actually earned his first at oxford.

Conclusion, this government will not last the whole five years it wants to. Even with all the high-jumps him and nick clegg have put in place (fixed terms, a threshold for a no-confidence motion etc).