time to throw ken on the barbie

time to put ken on the barbie…

Ken Clarkes interview today in the telegraph, shows exactly why in the past  he  failed to win the leadership of the conservative party three times.
A euro-fanatic, who believes he is correct all of the time while everyone else who is of an opposing view is wrong and needs to be reined in. The fact is he needs to be reined in or given the boot, just why did Cameron give this known backstabber such a position as Justice secretary is unknown.
On Thursday Parliament voted outstandingly in favour of the motion being held to oppose the ruling from the ECHR, to give the right to vote to prisoners, (which emanates from the axe murderer John Hurst’s trial ) Yet Clarke, is dismissive of the 234 MPs (mainly ‘conservative’) who would veto any move by the ECHR to rule that prisoners have the right to vote. -On the side of all things European, he states that to defy the ECHR is to defy international law, yes Britain signed up to human rights (in the 50’s mind) but since then a type of human rights mission creep -typical of Europe- has been evolving into jurisdiction in areas the Human Rights Act is not priority or indeed necessary.

Intent on all things European, this wet along with David Cameron, Nick Clegg et al, will inevitably roll over and allow criminals the right to vote, which begs the question what will be the point of voting at all.
(I shall write on the subject of the worth or there-lack of voting in a further post)
More on Ken Clarke —
Tim Montgomerie’s article today in the daily mail , is somewhat in contradiction with the facts.
While it is possible to lay some blame on Kennet Clarke, over the europhile nature of this government, he is blind to the fact (and does not mention) Cameron’s own europhilia.
If David Cameron were even the slightest bit as eurosceptic as he claims, to be. This country would not have signed any of the numerous >new< European directives, laws and statutes it has since the May 2010 general election.
Montgomerie writes about the conservatives putting a in-out referendum into the next manifesto which is being talked up by backbenchers, yet from (call me) Dave, we have already had the ‘cast-iron’ guarantee on a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, which was promptly binned as soon as he got the chance, aswell as the bowing to Europe in matters of the economy, forced to bail out the basket case PIIGS peripheral countries. –and don’t believe old georgie boy on his quip that Alistair Darling signed up to this matter, he was told and agreed to the opt-in and signing of the bail-outs up to 2013.

Anyhow, the problem with Kenneth Clarke is; that he believes his own hype -as Montgomerie notes- he used to be a likable figure of the conservative party, he now is so out of touch with reality, (e.g.) in his interview with the telegraph he tells us how the ‘middle’classes’ don’t know the first, of the pain of the cuts about to come. If he knew how the country was feeling the pain, in their lighter wage packets, higher petrol, inflation, food prices, and must mention the rise in tobacco prices. etc, etc.

The first re-shuffle cannot come soon enough for this socialist government, Vince Cable, David Lidington, Dominic Grieve, Caroline Spelman and of course Ken Clarke should be first for the fire.


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