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Britains battle with europe Fraser Nelson and Forsyth claim that Downing st has realised that Europe and it’s variety of institutions, are a barrier to ‘good’ governance.The EU, ECHR etc. has its hand in all the pies, and is the ‘third partner in the marriage’ of the coalition. -You have to ask how ministers have just realised this and did not know this beforehand, Clegg himself is a born and bred europhile, having worked in the EU before becoming an MP.

Both articles, seem to have been given the nod from the government, most likely to send out a signal that they still have some sceptic credentials. Recent history tells us different, that Cameron will go along with every european order that comes his way, Nelson notes that europe has in the past been a fringe issue , this is only because it has been pushed to the sidelines by people whom it is in their interests to do so, Cameron himself is and will be the same. It is in his interest to stay in power, it is now gradually gaining attention as more and more people realise its precense in their own daily lives.

Again a referendum is bandied about – the fact is , in the end it will be inevitable, for a referendum to take place, and only when it is crunch time will the coalition accede, and allow one to take place. In the same post Nelson mentions.

“Labour would claim that the EU rules were actually its idea, so as not to lose face. Only in government is it clear how far power has slipped; Cameron wants to claw it back.”

Which is exactly what the coalition is doing, note the BS big society, the European arrest warrant, etc etc. is just blatant ignorance not to mention, that Cam+co are the same as nulab,  claiming their policies are their own when they are patently not, the sooner these cameroon puppets own up to the spin and hypocrisy the sooner the country will realise and the real battle will begin.


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