cameron’s “different”

Cameron today tried to relaunch his big idea the big society, which is still failing to win the hearts and minds of the country.

In his interview today with  nick robinson he says  “I am different to Margaret Thatcher, different to past Conservative governments” what is wrong with Margaret Thatcher, is beyond me, she won three general elections outright, compared to cameron who failed to win the un-losable election last year, this fact cannot be stated enough.

Sure he is different, he is unrepresentative of the conservative tradition and is evidently happy in coalition with the liberal democrats.

The big society, he said today in his uninspiring speech was what he wanted to be his great legacy in government, yet he also said he has been ‘going on about it for five years’ yes five year dave, and still no-one either cares for it or understand it properly.

it just shows how amateur he and the cameroons around him are, no conviction, no thought through policies, just a pursuit of power, now like Gordon Brown, they have it and don’t fully know how to handle it.


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