democracy in europe?

baroness Ashton today writes in the FT about how Europe will help the countries -such as Egypt and Tunisia- who recently overthrew their leaders, in a ‘peoples revolution’ .

How does she want to do this, well as usual the EU wishes to throw money at a problem rather than deal with the issues underlying the problems. Ashton will ask the European Union and MEPs to support a further one billion euros of EIB funding next year, on top of the one billion this year. This fails to look at the wider picture, it is evident she has no experience in these matters, but even the dumbest fool would look to the African countries like Nigeria, before doling out the money.

On top of this she seem to think the practice of elections makes for a democracy, again, she needs to get those history books out; handfuls, possibly hundreds of rulers of the past have been able to rule through ‘democratic elections’ when the rest of the world knows they are anything but.

All those commentators crying for Ashton to speak up more and take responsibility of her title as European Unions high representative to foreign affairs and security policy, might now wish she’d of stayed hidden away.


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