talk carswell… talk indeed

Hvaing been blocked by @DouglasCarswell on twitter, I thought it right to uncover his deceit, on his supposed euroscepticism and purported support for freedom of speech, and his TALK of democratic engagement.

A recent blogpost on talkcarswell entitled eurosceptic talk is easy; but what will minister actually do? … indeed what will ministers do, more to the point what will he do, for all his chit chat rubbish, ‘the plan’, and his claim to want a in-out referendum. His actions are rather different, he and Daniel Hannan , are just more of the same that have actually made it to ministerial positions; Cameroon stooges.

they have proposed the end of BOO instead proposing an all party parliamentary group to initiate an in-out referendum, and we all know how such a thing would end.proposing such a thing would go against the grain of the  purpose of BOO, which is to withdraw from the EU, if the lib/lab/cons that do not want withdrawal just repatriation as most say they do, then the aim is lost. Their is no ‘conservative’ party anymore, bar a handful of honourable members, it is just another reincarnation of nulab, full of wannabe heirs to Blair.

Carswell, obviously cannot handle the truth, when I was not blocked he did not answer any reasonable questions, and as anyone who has a look at his blog (not reccomended) can see he picks and chooses his comments. Thus he is no better than the quisling, wet cameroons. If one chooses to stifle debate, on certain issues he claims to advocate, then he is a fake, I have no time for faux people in any case but when the person inquestion is a representative in Parliament, who claims to be on the side of the people, it is a further detriment, to what was once the ‘mother of all Parliaments’ and what our country once was a democracy.


2 Responses to talk carswell… talk indeed

  1. Sue says:

    I don’t get any joy from the “three” main Eurosceptics. I call them the three monkeys. Redwood, Carswell and Hannan.

    I’ve told all three they’ve been sussed and we know they’re just stooges.

    None of them replied of course.

    • pixijade says:

      I have told Hannan aswell, no reply from either, Redwood is a lost cause. they obviously have a problem, if they wish to stifle debate, while at the same time claiming that they are sceptic, democratic etc..
      And I don’t know where the eurosceptics in the ‘conservative’ party are, that the msm is always on about, either.

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