copper dave

At PMQ’s this weekCameron was asked by Philip Davies (con) ‘Is the Prime Minister aware that my constituents are sick to the back teeth of the human rights of criminals and prisoners being put before the rights of law-abiding citizens in this country?

‘Is it not time that we scrapped the Human Rights Act and, if necessary, withdrew from the European convention on human rights?’

Cameron’s answer  ‘My hon. Friend speaks for many people in saying how completely offensive it is, once again, to have a ruling by a court that flies in the face of common sense. Requiring serious sexual offenders to sign the register for life, as they now do, has broad support across this House and across the country.

‘I am appalled by the Supreme Court ruling. We will take the minimum possible approach to this ruling and use the opportunity to close some loopholes in the sex offenders register. I can also tell my hon. Friend that a commission will be established imminently to look at a British Bill of Rights, because it is about time we ensured that decisions are made in this Parliament rather than in the courts.’

What cast-iron Dave didn’t mention is the coalition agreement which states that this British bill would “incorporate and build on” the European convention on human rights, which would continue to be enshrined in British law.
So inevitably, as with the recent EU Bill, if a British Bill of Rights is enforced it will only be to pipe down the right of the ‘conservative’ party, and the likes of the daily Mail and Telegraph leader writers. -in short- it will mean absolutely nothing, to anyone- to the ECHR, or the EU for that matter. Hope everyone who voted ‘conservative’ now understands that cameron is only out for himself, and does not and never has any intention of leading the country to better days.

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