“If Cameron succeeds in delivering AV to the Lib Dems, he’s toast.” heffer wrote in the telegraph yesterday, how the upcoming AV referendum, is a recipe for coalitions, which it is, just look at the remainder of countries who do still use it.

Voting reform could cost upto an extra £250 million, for electronic machines, etc. and this is all for the sake of keeping the liberal democrats and socialists now residing in downing st. happy.

The debate in the House of Commons, on the Parliamentary voting systems and constituencies Bill, has been whipped all the way through each stage of the bill, cries of the executive damaging constitutional process are met with ignorance and meanwhile the msm, refuses to give the ordinary public any real information -only the usual fluff, that has been handed to them from the usual coterie around Cameron.

If Clegg and co. think damaging the constituion in this way, will give them more seats at the next election they would be wrong. even the most blonde of types, could see that the liberal democrats are nothing but a bunch of hypocritical, opportunists.

And as for Ed Miliband, who says AV ‘gets my vote’  here he makes no case as for why AV is a better voting system, it is obviously -for him and the liberal democrats- a stepping stone to full PR, whereby we will never have a majority government again, whether that is a good thing or not, his article just shows what lows, the level of debate has come down to  in this country.

If Cameron does hand this AV referendum to the libdems on a plate -which he looks like he will do, he is at risk of losing his own position not only as PM but as leader of this so called ‘conservative’ party. Along with the upcoming boundary  changes and the cut in number of MPs in the HoC down to 600, then it looks as though both parties of the coalition as well as Labour, risk losing quite a few seats at the next GE.

The thing about the state of this country at the moment is that everything has been dumbed down – to the point where the people of this country care more about the  ‘celebrities’ on television, in magazines or elsewhere- than they care about the governance of this country, only realising when its too late that, their own lives will be affected by the laws made in the EU, and implemented by the puppets in Westminster.

On this point, people may just vote yes in the referendum having no idea what it actually entails.- more of this so-called ‘new’ politics, whereby the people in power have fixed themselves a nice deal (after) the election behind closed doors, and democratic process is reduced to -Politicians patting themselves on the back for actually holding an election, telling us to be grateful we are, not living in North Korea.

Alternatively, the people of this country could wake up and look to the demonstrations in Egypt, Tunisia, etc… and fight for our freedoms, (not the pathetic Freedom Bill, clegg is proposing), democracy and a say in how we are governed, because before long it will be too late.


2 Responses to alternatively

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  2. WitteringWitney says:

    Not a lot wrong with that pixie lass other than an argument could be made that we do live in North Korea MkII?

    Nice post and well said.

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