debate supression

Today the fabians held an event entitled ‘in out or somewhere in between’ as most people know the Fabians society is of the left, and is seeking to open the discussion of a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, it is quite timely, and is not a definite proposal to hold a referendum , but a discussion of the debate to be had. Its is as part of Ed Milibands ‘blank sheet’ (policy review discussions).

I would welcome a referendum proposed by the labour party, the liberal democrats put an in-out referendum in their manifesto, yet have decided to shut the debate down and are refusing to hold one. Whist the conservatives with Cameron as PM, are not open to debate about the issue, as cameron wishes to kick it into the long grass.

It is of course such a major issue, about who governs? where our laws are made, the economy, the EU pervades every part of everybodies lives in one way or another- yet- most people do not even realise this.

Cameron risks facing the same fate as major if he carries on putting off the argument, as he has been doing for the past five= years, just this week, the ruling of the ECHR and supreme court that sick rapists and paedophiles will be able to take their names off the offenders list, has proven he is prepared to stand back and merely manage his government.

in all areas of governance Cameron seem to think he can sit back and let the good times roll, his laid back style of governance is quite bemusing. the ever growing number of u-turns is no coincidence, neither is the fact that he lost the unlosable election, or that his BS claim for what he is in politics for the ‘big society’ is going down amongst the public like a flat tyre.

Evidently the issue of European integration or an exit, is a pressing issue no matter how much it is played down by both the msm and politicians. If cameron does not want to be wrong-footed once again he would not simply stand by offering pathetic concessions to his backbenchers -always at the last minute- he should be offering the country a say in the matter, with an open policy inquiry to motivate a debate and discussion on the issue, as I said before vast amounts of people in the country have no clue what being a member of the EU involves.

if the conservative party is not willing to be the first to propose a in-out referendum they risk allowing the left (and the likes of Keith Vaz) to set the terms of debate, as they are in favour of the being in the EU and further integration, they will obviously set out what can be seen as good of being in Europe. Cameron has already let the AV yes vote get ahead in both the polls and in terms of getting its message out, if he and the conservative party continue on this path they will surely lose their place as a party of power for  generations.

The left and labour, are questioning whether a referendum will \’lance the boil\’ and kill off the issue of exiting at the same time. With a liberal socialist, layabout like cameron leading the government i would not be surprised if that is just what happens.




One Response to debate supression

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    pj, the sooner Cameron suffers a ‘major’ decapitation the better – conditional of course that he is not succeeded by Clarke or any of the other leftie weirdos in the Coalition.

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