heir to blair – he is not

Fraser Nelson posts this evening,” cameron has his back against the wall – now he must fight”, Nelson as usual give David Cameron the benefit of the doubt, (so, not as bad as d’ancona) but no.8 on DC himself is ridiculous, he says

“I’m a great believer in judging governments by what they do, not what they say. And this government is about as active, bold and radical as you could reasonably expect.”

not quite, he forgets that so far, all we have mainly  seen are policy announcements and u-turns, on policies which do not play well with the public and/or certain ‘slebs; if Cameron+co had thought through their policies instead of rushing them out, and setting deadlines for annoncements, this would not be a problem.

Nelson also says “There is no civil war in the Tory Party waiting to erupt.” I think there is, the rate of rebellions, previously unheard of shows that MPs realise that they are on their own with cameron as leader, his self-interest and arrogance mean he is out for himself, and everybody else can jump.

lastly the new beefed up strategy unit including andrew cooper and craig oliver, shows not only his disdain for ‘his’ own party but the lack of conviction nor  direction he has, cameron stillbelieves his party is the ‘nasty party’ so is on course to change it, further inclined to the left. So much so, were the coalition to split , (as i suspect) it would emerge  alike the SDP.

He wanted to be the ‘heir to blair’ but even blair had a bit more substance than this.


One Response to heir to blair – he is not

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    pj, you’re on a roll! Keep going!

    Have retweeted this for you, again. (might need to open discussions on commission? :o)

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