“The Independent on Sunday is not persuaded that Mr Cameron is an ideologically driven Thatcherite whose ruling purpose is to shrink the state. He may be, but it seems more likely that he does not in fact believe in much at all.”

“We are beginning to wonder whether the deeper, and just as worrying, truth is that the Prime Minister is simply somewhat incompetent.”

Finally, even The Independent newspaper, has seen sense , this is what I have thought for a few years now.

Quite evidently Cameron is not a thatcherite, nor even a conservative, now people are starting to wake up to the fact. Cameron has misled everyone, first his party  –they are the people who elected him leader all those years ago- simply because he gave a speech with no notes, and they foolishly believed he would hold a referendum on the Lisbon treaty etc. (even sarkozy knew of his europhilia a while back).

Then we have the media, most of whom praised him as some sort of gift to the conservatives, he would change them, make them nice,hug hoodies, green and in touch. –evidently he is so out of touch- you only have to look at the number of climb downs so far, which he belatedly realises don’t bode well with the public.

Furthermore, we still do not have a clear idea of what if anything he actually believes in, while many claim the big society is a cover for cuts, that may or may not be true, still the big society is such a fuzzy idea, not many people know what he means by it, even his own deputy PM hesitates to endorse the theme.

Cameron’s style of governance is to sit back and watch as the whole country burns, so relaxed is he, that he is allowing Andrew Lansley, wreck havoc on the NHS without this shake-up having been in the conservatives or any other parties manifesto. I find it harder and harder to believe he actually earned his first at oxford.

Conclusion, this government will not last the whole five years it wants to. Even with all the high-jumps him and nick clegg have put in place (fixed terms, a threshold for a no-confidence motion etc).


2 Responses to incompetence

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Oh pj, but we do have an idea of what he believes in – the EU isation of our country!

    Retweeted your notification of this post – damn well said and well put!

    Keep at it lass!

    • pixijade says:

      thats true, but i meant his own ideas, the EU is super-imposed on all of us, he just goes along with whatever they say. thanks for your comment 😉

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