where is cameron leading?

Lord Tebbit writes about various things today but the headline, has got the trolls, tapping.

This quote from the FT comment a few weeks ago, “when someone tells you something is too complex for you to understand it usually means they do not really understand it”, on cameron big society, sums up cameron+co’s whole programme for government, as everything that comes out from the coalition is linked to the BS big society, and it is beyond doubt that no-one really gets what cameron is trying to get at. The whole programme is what it says on the tin BS.

Today in the telegraph also, Cameron has an op-ed piece about , yes the big society, again, on how the government will ‘end the state monopoly’ over the public centre allowing business to provide services and shift power to the people , yep we’ve heard that before. But loookie here Cleggs speech on the future of the public sector and we see that he contradicts cameron (or vice-versa) as he says business’ will have no involvement, something Vince the Cable has also said.

And so,it is not clear where cameron does wants to take the country, what is clear  to see is where this government is actually going, -further integrated into the European project , evidenced in that today, William Hague has been chanting the EU line, on the issue’s of the uprisings and ‘massacres’ of Libya and the east, and also Kenneth Clarkes insistence on following the ‘rule of law’ that is the ECHR rulings which several lawyers have stated the UK does not have to comply and his ludicrous comparison with the Greek Colonels , means he is even more idiotic than previously thought.

disbelief at this government growing by the day.


One Response to where is cameron leading?

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Well Pixilated Lady, “disbelief at this government is growing by the day” may well be true – but it sure as hell ain’t evident!

    The disbelief of you and I – and a few others – may be on the increase, unfortunately most people’s eyes are glued to xFactor etc.

    Still, press on we must……….

    Needless to say have retweeted this post.

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