The directgov census 2011 website gives this answer about what happens with answers given to the census;
“Your answers will be turned into statistics about the community and groups within it. Personal census information is kept confidential for 100 years and is not shared with government departments. ”

However, the census collection of personal  information in England and Wales allows/gives local councils,  businesses and central government to plan services that families and communities apparently need. So they get the information.

the question is what businesses, what departments of central government, and who in local government?

As if they do not have enough information about the population already! When this coalition came to power they purported to support the protection of privacy and civil liberties, initially scrapping ID cards, that was therefore only to save the extravagant costs the ID cards would incur.

the NO2ID  and big brother watch campaigns have lambasted this census 2011 and I agree, it is a waste of money which this country does not have. and is useless since people do not fill out the forms truthfully, and why should they.

Another example of this government going back on its word and extending the nanny state, just as nulab did.


One Response to con-census

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Leaving to one side the personal information they have no right to ask for, of course!

    Plus, if govt had a ‘handle’ on those coming in and out – and could control both – the census would not be needed as they have the information of how many indigenous people there are in Somerset House!

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