the Hague

With the whole of the west at a loss, as to what to do or say about the situation in Libya,  all the talk coming out of the cameroon puppet’s mouths, is neither here, nor there. But it is laughable to hear them call for democracy, the removal of Gaddafi, and then their calls for sanctions on the regime.

To listen to William Hague or David cameron. you would think, the United Kingdom, was the epitome of liberal democracy, that they played by the rules, and were not of a government stitched up in the backrooms of Whitehall.

Sure Gaddafi is corrupt, but didn’t they or for that matter Pressident Obama and Hilary Clinton, notice this before, or was it in their interest to keep silent? When the west has been playing an active role in the upkeep of all these corrupt and undemocratic regimes, why do they think these countries should listen to them, when they are just as much to blame for playing along. it is a bit late now to take the moral high ground.

Failure of the governments of the UK and US as oddly enough,  Ahmadinejad (the one the west seems to fear most) promises the countries of Europe, will likely result in similar situation where the people demand true democratic governance not the faux type we have at the moment.


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