leader of the ‘opposition’ Ed Miliband (or was it David?) has said the governments response to the events in Liyba have ‘a whiff of incompetence to them’, more like a huge blowing gust.

It is not only the Prime Minister going off to the arab nations to sell military equipment, while trying to claim otherwise , and idiotically telling them how to run their countries, when he should sort out his own backyard. Nor is it this chump forgetting he was meant to be running the country on the ski slopes of Davos, while his side kick was being the salesman that he is. It is not even the muppet William Hague our supposed Foreign Secretary, who wouldn’t know democracy if it slapped him over the head.

The whole coalition, is an absolute shambles, it is as though all plans are thought of on the hoof and written on the back of a fag packet. a disaster in all  Foreign policy and  domestic policy areas alike. –the telegraph has an ‘exclusive’ whereby a letter states that we could not fight a war or anything of the sort, because the cupboard is bare, and the defence cuts are obviously not helping. If a Falklands were to happen tomorrow not only would there be no army to fight but we’d have these imbeciles in the coalition directing action, and then where would we be?


2 Responses to imbeciles

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Well said pixilady – have retweeted.

    Mind you, as I pointed out a few mins ago on Twitter, for MiliE to use the words “whiff of incompetence” when considering his stewardship of our economy (behind the scenes)the words Pot & Kettle come to mind!

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