speaker berCow

ConHome’s Paul Goodman has a post entitled Cameron wont strive to keep  Bercow alive, first point, is Tory ministers plot to oust bercow via secret ballot after the next election, or sooner if they can.

“Size, sex, anti-semitism, even Sally: all these are secondary problems for him.  The main one is that the wounds of his gradual and bitter divorce from the Conservative Party” is what Goodman puts it down to, yet there is no ‘conservative’ party anymore and a speaker is neutral, or didn’t they know this. I don’t personally like the speaker I actually preferred hearing Michael Martin’s ordure, ordure. and Bercow is an attention seeking bore. Though, this plot just shows that the so-called conservative partyheirarchy do not like being out of control or being told when they are wrong.

Goodman’s post also says that Cameron may have the final decision after the election to go ahead with the secret ballot, -in his dreams- Cameron will be lucky if he makes it to the next election as PM let alone, keeping his office after it.

Conhome gets more delusional by the day, does it not?


One Response to speaker berCow

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Yup, pixilady Con Home does indeed – or perhaps nearer the truth, Tim Montgomerie does!

    Mind you, when you are supporting a mad-cap party……..

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