in-out referendum , Cameron says NO

Dan Hannan has a post on Cameron and his al jazeera interview, (link in the post) .

Cameron rejected the idea that an in-out referendum would resolve the question of EU membership and said he wanted to change the EU but remain a full member.

He is either the biggest retard going or simply just an absolute conman,in 2009 when his cast-iron guarantee of a referendum on lisbon was being bandied about  he said ‘We are the only major party to have consistently said that it is up to the British people to decide on our future in Europe.’

After the pitiful EU Bill and his consistent bowing to the european union since coming to office, it is no surprise,  why does he continue to be so  deceitful to the right-wing press and Parliament?

And the biggest joke is he identified climate change as the greatest challenge facing the next generation and global poverty as the greatest challenge of today. -When we know climate change is a con too, and global poverty, well I think Britain might like a space programme too!

utter quisling europhile conman, nothing more nothing less.


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