Clegged… just what is the point of Nick Clegg, this is what MP John Mann (Labour) asked this afternoon at DPM questions. The word Clegged is now in the urban dictionary defined as a ‘total sellout’ no one can dispute this. But back to the question of Clegg himself, and what the point of him is.

Last week he decided that instead of taking his job seriously and filling in whilst Cameron was doing his other job of salesman, he ‘forgot’ and was on the ski slopes of Davos having a ‘break much needed’. Quite he also slips off work at 3pm, when his office of DPM is purportedly such an important role, one must wonder if he himself takes it seriously, or rather he just likes the title.

The word Clegged first came up some months back by Charlie Brooker and it is even more pertinent now, than was.

Since Clegg had completely forgotten his much publicised pledge to scrap tuition fees, eventually and not raise them at all, he actually wanted them to be reduced gradually every year until like Scotland tuition was free. Now though, we have all been clegged in one way or another, the liberal democrats, all of them seem to think being in government requires them to behave as they did in opposition but still obtaining the perks of office, see Vince the Cable, Norman Baker and Lynne featherstone etc etc…

But Clegg is on a par with Cameron as to what is the point of them, both wanted power and now they have it have no idea what to do with it, so they continuously make statements, then u-turn, even today we find that the cull of the quangos is be scrapped

As well as this where the right to recall MPs was an election pledge and was used by the outgoing NUS leader Aaron Porter, -will be thrown to the dustbin, only MPs whom are convicted of crime will be able to be recalled, not those who the public/constituents feel have broken election pledges or are not representing them.

It all shows, how we are not all in it together, those in  government are in it all for themselves.


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