delusional fools

the conservative MP Michael Fallon seems to have been on another planet when writing his article for the telegraph today

First the title “look at what the Conservatives are achieving”, what they are achieving is hardly ‘further and faster than Thatcher’ which is the subtitle underneath a picture of the Lady herself with Cameron. It has only been able to announce a vast array of policies, while the implementation is yet to take place in most areas. Policies which will become unstuck like those in the recent past, with u-turn after u-turn, reversing their proposals.

The coalition Fallon says has pulled Britain back from the brink of bankruptcy, yet even a minor would know that the former Chancellor and yes, Gordon Browns plans, where what  kept the country from bankruptcy (even though they were partially to blame) policies which inevitably take time to work through the system, George Osbornes budget has actually weakened the economy as the last quarters figures have shown revised down ( 0.6 % decline)

Fallon then goes on to mention Maragret Thatchers time in office as a slow process, adding that the labour dock scheme took 10 years and tackling the trades unions took 9, wherever he got his dates from is not the point. The fact is Thatchers time in office did actually produce change for the good and policy which has lasted the test of time, whereas Camerons government, is rushing so fast not thinking about how the policies will work out and if they are going to stand the test of time (i.e. another labour government).

Evidently the NHS plans which Michael Fallon praises so much, “David Cameron and Andrew Lansley are cutting to the chase- scrapping bureaucracy and giving GPs real incentives to manage their budgets better” ; really, I am sure that GPs are quite busy enough – with appointments with patients given a maximum of ten minutes, how  can the government possibly believe that GPs actually want this to be the process.

He then goes onto the royal mails part privatisation which LibDem Ed Davey has been able to push through the “House of Commons in just six months” , IDS is reforming the welfare system, and people “will face tougher sanctions if they refuse” work, … now where have we heard that before?

the most obnoxious part of his piece is that on Europe, where, not  only does he claim that Cameron has got a grip of the budgets of the EU, but manages to state Ken Clarke is seeking major changes to the ECHR, and set up a commission to review the HRA; when Clarke himself has said it is like breaking the rule of law to defy their rulings himself it is ludicrous.

Finally he says the government is regaining sovereignty not losing it. this is the best joke of all, the EU Bill that went through parliament recently shows jut how obedient this government is and will proceed to being, it is no wonder when we have Cameroon stooges like this, in a cohort with cameron trying to fool the public, and the saddest part is many will believe this tripe.






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  1. WitteringWitney says:

    I read this too pixilady and decided that I would say something, but you have beat me to it!

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