John Redwood gives his two-cents on the Barnsley by-election

“As always the Eurosceptic splits were on show. This time UKIP edged into the lead amongst the Eurosceptics, but only managed 12.2% of the vote. The total Eurosceptic votes was 22.7%, plus 6% going to the BNP.

Once again those who say the electorate are ready to take strong action on the EU are wrong. The Eurosceptics could not  even reach one third between them, let alone a winning margin. We get the governments we vote for.”

He fails to mention that the total vote of the coaliton parties (libdems and conservatives) put together was only 12.4% trying to play down how much traction UKIP is now gaining with the public, will do more harm than good (to him anyway).

As for getting governments we vote for, I do not remember anybody voting for the coalition, they devised it themselves in the backrooms of  Whitehall, whereby none of the electorate had a say.

It is pointless Redwood continuously claiming to be sceptic, when we can see his voting patterns in the lobbies, he is sustaining Camerons quisling policies, both by voting for them and more damaging not voicing his opinions (if that is, he believes what he writes on his blog).

The likes of Redwood, talk-Carswell, et cetera. should now realise that they may no longer make fools of the public; but only themselves.


3 Responses to sceptic?

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Short and very ‘sweet’, pixilady!

    You no doubt saw my comment on JR’s blog?

  2. swbk2345 says:

    He makes my blood boil. One minute he pretends to be Eurosceptic and the next he whinges like a spoilt child when a eurosceptic party does better than the Tories.

    I seriously think that Manifesto’s should legally binding. They must not be allowed to promise on things they intend on renege on. It would make them much more careful about what they promise.

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