“the British problem”

Andrew Duff, Liberal Democrat MEP, wants to revise article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty in order to allow future Treaty amendments to be agreed by just  four fifths of MEPs, a blatant disregard for the coalition EU Bill’s ‘referendum lock’ which Duff calls the “British problem”. it is an affront to the concept of Parliamentary sovereignty, the British public and the nation state.

“Nick Clegg understands my thinking of the matter very well” Duff said, of course he does, another eurofanatic, intent on closer integration. and of course, Cameron is in agreement too.

The initiative is apparently inspired by the ‘spinelli draft’ Altiero Spinelli’s draft Treaty establishing the EU, who is the ‘father of Europe’ no less.

If this is who the people of Britain has representing them in Europe, what hope is there, for those who do not want a federal (United States of) Europe?

If this initiative is agreed would it not defy the EU Bill and what Cameron has said many times, that no Treaty changes shall happen without a referendum? or was that promise ‘cast-iron’ as well?


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