fall, fall and fall again

the media has started to realise just how incometent this government really is, the Libya ‘crisis’ has provoked the media (and thus the public) to take a bit more notice of how this government is running the country, rather than taking the cameroons word for it.

William Hague this week is coming under increased scrutiny, Steve Richards writes today of the ‘rise and fall’ of William Hague, it is though the fall, fall and fall again of the Hague. At only sixteen he was lauded as future leader of the conservative party, hence he was doomed for failure.

What we know is that when he was leader of the party between 1997-2001, he was a staunch eurosceptic, campaigning vigourously against Britain joining the euro, he was the poster boy of euroscepticissm at the time, then as Richards notes, not a word. the public has not been given any reason for his lack of opinion on the issue, only before the election when the Lisbon Treaty was ratified, Hague would only say ‘we will not let matters rest’ -he has.

So will he stay or will he go? he will probably limp on, just to save face and in the knowledge that this government is not going to last it hoped for five years, after the May elections start placing your bets on the governments demise. As for Hague, to be fair it is not just his incompetence it is the whole of the cabinet, liberal democrats and ‘conservatives’ alike who cannot seem to grasp the basics of government and politics, believing it to  be not dissimilar to opposition where you can shout your mouth off, and do not have to face any repercussions.

Now just counting the days…


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