pint drinking, pool playing numpty.

Ed Miliband has decided to follow where cameron has led, in the fashion of hugging huskies, adding wind turbines to the roof of his house etc. Ed has decided to adopt the style of spin and has taken up a personal trainer, play pool and have a pint. The interview today in the telegraph is so bland, you wonder why they bothered printing it. Ed Miliband wants to be seen as ‘normal’ and in touch with the people, but have a look at his upbringing his, working life so far and now as leader of the Labour party and it is obvvious he is just another, political wonk, seeking power. It is extremely worrying that Labour are doing so well in the polls so soon after the defeat in 2010 after 13 years of shite.
It both makes you think how idiotic is the public these days, fueled by reality ‘slebs’ and gossip stories, most have no idea how the country is being run; and that is the second point the country is being run by a bunch of incompetents who are doing a worse job than their predecessor’s, this is one of the reasons why Labour is doing well too.
Ed Miliband in the interview tries to be a champion of tradition and somewhat conservative principles, believe it when you see it, do not be fooled by another PR man people.


One Response to pint drinking, pool playing numpty.

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    As you say Pixilady, it makes one question the thought processes of the public that they appear content to return those that just ten months ago they could not wait to get rid of!

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