Clegg; looking after #1

So Mr Clegg, has been clegging this weekend at the Liberal Democrat spring conference, where his party is not even attempting to hide its contempt of him. He has told the party ‘faithful’ that he will distance the party from their coalition partners, in order to keep the peace and maintain the Liberal Democrats identity.

Peter Oborne writes from conference of Tim Farron’s popularity within the party, and Nick Cleggs unpopularity, Farron is apparently the libdem poster boy while Clegg is now seen as a tory sympathiser (and so, nasty) on Friday spoke of David Cameron ‘talking complete bilge’ in attempts to appease the party. But as the whole country knows, he will ay anything to be in peoples good books, (remember the tv debates?)

Oborne mentions the fact that the party is sure to lose a mass of local council seats  come the May election and may lose the AV referendum (the main reason they are in the coalition) , yet Clegg and nearly half the party in Westminster are either ministers or PPS’ (therefore in someway loyal to the coalition) and will be keeping their jobs (until the coalition collapses) while the rest suffer the consequences.

This fact alone proves that Clegg, before the general election 2010 and still now, is only out for himself and intent on keeping power, he will watch on as his party falters while he clocks off work at 3pm and has a nice red box to hold.

the Liberal Democrat grassroots shall soon wake up, and realise they are “nothing but a pack of cards”


One Response to Clegg; looking after #1

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Nice post Pixilady! On the money, as always……

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