comical centrists

This is what is on offer to the electorate the three main parties at Westminster, are all pitching for the centre, in their own absurd ways, \’alarm clock britain\’ is Nick Clegg’s offerings, -who thought that one up?- at the Liberal Democrat spring conference, he spoke of his party belonging to the “radical centre”, the party of those commited to the traditions and beliefs of  social democracy – no surprise there then. Clegg said: “We are liberals and we own the freehold to the centre ground of British politics. Our politics is the politics of the radical centre. We are governing from the middle, for the middle.”        It actually makes you weep, after the 13 years of nuLab none of the parties has realised that voter apathy is in large part due to the main parties concentrating on the centre ground, thus there are no clear dividing lines between them.

As for Nick Clegg’s claims of being “the heirs to Mill, Lloyd George, Keynes, Beveridge, Grimond. We are the true radicals of British politics”an insult to all those he mentioned and those with true liberal beliefs, if there ever was one.Clegg will have to do far more if he is to regain any points in the polls, in reality it is more likely he will be out on his arse by the time voters can have their say.

Not to be outdone, the squeezed middle is Ed Miliband’s catchphrase for -you guessed it- the middle or centre voters, he wants to ‘reconnect’ Labour with the people who deserted it, when they realised not only what a farce nulab was but that their own pockets where being bled dry by nuLab policies. Miliband though, it would seem does not know himself , just who the people he is trying to reach are- he has had various definitions, of his term ‘squeezed middle’ – one is “those above and below 45k” so that means everyone then. Just like the  Cameroons he also calls his idea the ‘good society’ his vision which maintains the Whitehall centrist agenda and which  is for everyone and no-one.

David Cameron’s  Big Society is no different, it has been well publicised, and yet the phrase has too been mocked and questioned,and still nobody is any the wiser of what it actually stands for. This is David Cameron’s own fault since he has tried to encompass all areas of government policy into the ‘big society’, hence it is all BS.

If this is what is on offer to the British public, what hope is there. The ‘others’ don’t seem to be able to gain enough support to boot these lots out, and so the question comes to mind, is it the publics fault, if they did not vote for this nothingness, then they would not offer it. Or is it the politicians who are intent on imposing their centrist/ middle/ safe/ soft ideas on the people through their various ways of manipulation.

So who’s to blame?


One Response to comical centrists

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    I would venture Pixilady that we are all to blame, each in our own various ways!

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