in-out in-out shake it all about

Today, comes good news and hope for those of us who wish to see, the politicians of Westminster squirm then relent and grant the public the referendum they not only want but deserve.

Only last week quisling Cameron, declared that he wishes to stay in the European Union and that an in-out referendum was out of the question, as most know a referendum on the issue of Europe has not been held since 1975 that even was only on the issue of the EEC, David Cameron , nick clegg, Ed Miliband etc, can try to put this off as they wish, but in the end the political class will  suffer the consequences; those being  the result of an even more frustrated electorate delivering an out answer.

The peoples pledge, is an initiative of the left, in favour of membership but realising the democratic deficit of EU membership and the people of this nation need to have a say. Caroline Lucas of the Green party, Keith Vaz of Labour and other unexpected names have cropped up, are in favour but want the decision to rest with the people and whatever you may think of them they have to be applauded for this.

David Cameron like Blair, Brown and Clegg pledged to hold a referendum then reneged, (“I know best. Your views are irrelevant. Get used to it.”)promised to claw back sovereignty and competences, and has reneged, (the EU Bill is nothing but a token gesture). He is now so in hock with the EU, Merkel, Sarkozi, etc. He yearns for the next EU summit, as it is known these summits and gatherings are pure photo opportunities and serve only to cause more trouble back in the leader own backyards when they return home.

It is now time for a referendum, and I urge everyone to sign the pledge , the country has been betrayed by our leaders repeatedly on this issue, and it will be them who are left on the back-foot for not initiating this themselves.

The media seems also to be waking up to the elephant in the room, the Daily Mail, Express, and Guardian have recently started printing (talking) about the issue more prominently, it is only thoe who have ‘power’ who would not  like a referendum, realising that a no vote would end their cosy dwellings once and for all.

sign the pledge


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