Scared Cam?

More on the peoples pledge, and Cameron and the political elites, refusal to hold a referendum, the Mail has an article by Harry Phibbs quoting Cameron in November 2009 on the Marr show Cameron declared: ‘I don’t want an “in or out” referendum because I don’t think “out” is in Britain’s interests.’

And just who gave Cameron the right to decide for us all, he is in government but not in power, and most importantly without mandate. The coalition is built on backroom deals of which I, nor anyone else in Britain voted for, if he wishes to state his policy for remaining in Europe, he needs to set-out what grounds these plans are based. Too, he needs to come forward to the country and ask for said mandate.

Phibbs then goes on to say “Yet while we have been granted a referendum on switching to the AV system – which would reduce our democracy to a confused mush – we are being denied a referendum on the big change that would strengthen our democracy. That change would be the withdrawal from the European Union so that we could become a self-governing nation deciding for ourselves the laws that we should live under.”

I have come to the conclusion, that one reason amongst many, but a very important one, is that the politicians of  Britain wish to remain in the EU, because they cannot govern alone, on the basis that, they have for so long been told what  to do by Brussels’ they’d be lost without, no more masquerading as important people on the EU/world stage, and none of the pretending to be doing something while ticking boxes, they would actually have to make plans and policy, without the templates handed from the EU. It is that they are frightened, yes there may be some benefit of membership of the EU, but none of which are not available from being on the outside, too America manages to trade with the world quite well, it is unlikely as many have stated that Britain would become a pariah state akin to Libya and others, since (however useless our system of democracy is) Britain is unlikely to become so dictatorial that the people are worshiping images of David Cameron and the like.


The peoples pledge seems different to previous in-out campaigns, the mood of the country, the media attention and the cross-party support, all make this campaign have a better chance than any before.  It is now up to the reluctant politicians to take the initiative and announce a referendum on this very important issue before its too late.


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