Clegg’s coup.

Fraser Nelson has a post on the coffeehouse on Clegg’s victory over conservative’s in his appointing members of the Bill of Rights (BoR) commission, including Helena Kennedy who is partially responsible for the implementation of the HRA, making sure Labour introduced it. Nelson claims this shall leave the ECHR ‘intact’ meaning no-change. As is known Clegg is a firm europhile who, is for european integration, Britain in Europe, a former MEP, etc etc… So we can probably expet more competencies to be transferred.

The post also has a snippet of James Forsyth’s article which goes further, and is a reminder of how incompetent this government is (Cameron’s ‘triumph’ in getting his no-fly zone et al, today will end in disaster) The governance of this country is dictated by lawyers in Europe/ Strasbourg.

“Lawyers are the masters now. In each government department, the final word often rests with them. Ministers live in fear of being warned that they are on ‘unsound legal ground’ — and they are warned all too regularly. They suspect, with justification, that the QCs on civil servants’ speed dial are usually from left-wing chambers. Things are so bad that in at least one instance, a minister asked the Conservative party for advice on whether a policy he wanted to pursue was legal or not. ‘You can, in theory, defy the lawyer,’ says one minister. ‘But if you spent tens of thousands of pounds on a legal action which you then lost, and it emerged that you were advised not to fight, you would be in an awkward position.’ The result is, again, a sense of powerlessness, even loneliness. It is felt across government.”

To all those who would like to, it is no point blaming nulab, since a majority ‘conservative’ coalition government is in power now, and could if it were up to it, return sovereignty to Parliament, yet it wishes not to.

Nelson, says “Cameron has other battles to fight now” in regards to the Libya situation, but this issue has been on the doorstep for a number of years, maybe he should not go galavanting on the world stage and think of  the people of this country first, instead he will rue the day and continue his quest in being the ‘heir to Blair’


One Response to Clegg’s coup.

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    “maybe he should not go galavanting on the world stage and think of the people of this country first”

    Exactly, pixilady, exactly!

    Fix the problems at home, then he can go fix other’s problems! Perhaps he could start with our lack of democracy?

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