more on that ‘peoples’ pledge.

Today at muffled vociferation has posted on the deception of the peoples pledge, it has made me think about the campaign in more depth, having joined the dots it would seem that those serial con artists Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan, are most likely the (real) organizers of this, I have posted previously on the issue of them wanting to close down B.O.O.

And both Carswell and Hannan are on the advisory council and are promoting the pledge. As the post by MF suggests they may just be a bone thrown to the right of the party and the conservatives of the public still hoping that Cameron’s ‘conservatives’ might just one day fight the sceptic cause. It would suit all the culprits, Cameron does not really mention the subject of a referendum or withdrawal unless pressed and Carswell and Hannan, publish books, make television appearances, keep their seats in Parliament(s) and purport to be for all things they set out in the plan.

I may be wrong that those two are not some cons, but having been blocked by Carswell for asking perfectly reasonable questions regarding democracy questioning his eurosceptic credentials, his lapdog adherence to every word that comes from Dan Hannans mouth, and his stooge like performance in Camerons precense. It would seem he has something to hide. As equally does Hannan, just why they wanted to shut down B.O.O. still remains unclear.

the peoples pledge, is in effect the same as the pledge by all Liberal Democrats (ALL) signed the NUS pledge card to stop any increase in tuition fees, and yet reneged. Cameron reneged on his pledge to the sun of holding a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as did the nulab and libdems when they put the policy in their manifesto’s all those years ago.

So even if these MPs who are being targeted sign the pledge, who or what is to say they will stick to it? There is no evidence to suggest they would, and the party line always take percedence over personal belief. I have not signed the peoples pledge as yet, and am not planning on doing so. As it says on the site the aim is not to exit europe but to have a referendum, the idea sounds great until you dig a little deeper.

If a referendum is held, will the reult be taken into account if a NO vote is produced or would the country be forced to vote again (as in Ireland). None of the three main parties proposes exit and with the referendum funding policy being changed who’s guessing that the lib/lab/con wont conspire against an out campaign and if an IN vote is won the sceptic cause will be lost for a generation.

Anything to do with those like Carswell and Hannan need to be gone over with a fine tooth comb, as i suspect they have different motivations than those who would like to see Britain out of europe. Maybe UKIP is the only hope (at the moment)?


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  1. WitteringWitney says:

    I do wonder whether these two are in fact ‘Q’ MPs who like some ships in world war II were made out to appear what they were not in order to fool the enemy.

    In other words, are they pushing for a referendum which, with the recent changes allowing the EU to ‘interfere’, would be lost and thus Cameron’s plan would be complete?

    Such is the state of our politician’s integrity and honesty that it is indeed shameful when we have to question those who are prefixed ‘Honourable’.

    • pixijade says:

      indeed, the analogy is correct. Hannan and Carswell are most likely doing Camerons dirty work for him and in doing so keeping up appearances of being a eurosceptic party. Tryingto fool the public, while the media joins in, have you noticed how often the daily mail quotes these two?
      If your idea of ‘lamp-posts’ is to happen these lot are first!

  2. Hi

    I just posted this on Hannan’s blog. He fair winds me up, and I have to attack.

    Hannan, why don’t you and your Tory “eurosceptic” friends leave your party, not take the whip – whatever needs to be done, so that a bloc in Parliament can obstruct government until there is a referendum? There’s a hung Parliament now. It’s the ideal time to do it.

    Why should we vote at the 2015 election for pro-EU MPs merely in the vague hope of something that is not guaranteed to happen? It’s counter intuitive to let your enemy do your work. Why should we vote for members of the three main parties whose leaders don’t want and wont give a referendum?

    Surely, the only outcome of the People’s Pledge if it is succesful will be the LibLabCon – powerless and feckless as ever – returned to Parliament at the expense of the growth of UKIP – the only party who would gaurantee withdrawal from the EU. But you know this, already, don’t you.

    You have some chutzpah, Quisling, to talk about fathers defending our rights. Don’t try to speak the words, you might choke as they get stuck in your chicken neck.

    • pixijade says:

      he winds me up no question, he like all those still in the conservative party have no principles, all they do is talk, as Carswells blog suggests. none of the LibLabCon will get us out of europe, they should end the charade, the more UKIP grows the more transparent they become.
      (do let me know if he replys) neither of them reply to me, and carswell has blocked me. cannot handle the truth!

      • Will do, but he doesn’t usually reply because he doesn’t want to draw more attention to me than he needs to; he can’t really argue with me either, can he? I mean, he is patently obvious. He only has his prestige to rely on, which actually still goes a long way, and it is a worry when it affects your local UKIP branch so that they think that it is a good idea to tell people to vote for the LibLabCon rather than their own party. Sheesh!

        • pixijade says:

          that was sarcasm since he has never answered my comments/questions neither does TALKcarswell, they only answer people who believe their hype and propaganda. they obviously realise that UKIP iss gaining more influence across the country, so decieve as much as possible try to make people think they hold the same views, then again those that are gullible enough to believe it are to blame as well. Good blog by the way will add it to my blogroll 🙂

      • Serf says:

        Cheers, have linked to yours.

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