business as usual

david Cameron is as always attempting to sideline the issue of the EU, with the current economic problems of Portugal in the headlines and ongoing or upcoming financial woes with the PIIGS ( that is Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and the big one Spain) the issue cannot go on being brushed under the carpet as he so wishes, it is not only the economy of the eurozone, it is all the other areas the EU has its hands in. Justice, energy, foreign affairs etc etc… the way the leader(s) of the conservative party are dealing with these issues is unsatisfactory to say the least, dismissing them (at their peril). ConHome has this with various links, now Cameron is at the EU summit which is supposed to be on the stability of the eurozone, Libya etc and is being dominated by the Portugese economy.It is now being disputed whether the UK will have to cough up a large amount of cash for the bail-out with Bill Cash asking an urgent question on the 24th March, which was not justifiably answered, leaving both Parliament and the public guessing, whether Cameron and Osborne will pay up or not, though we don’t need the answer stated it is forseen and has already been decided. The UK looks to give its ‘fair share’ because of this coalition, opting out at this point IS an option but Cameron does not want to take it.

A deal has been struck (last night) on the the new ‘euro-pact plus’ which is in effect the emergence of  the EU (including the UK) becoming a transfer union.  which will no doubt further the cost burden on Britain in its payments to the EU. And just for fun it has emerged that London is facing £300 million of EU fines because it is in danger of missing clean air targets set by Brussels, which limit the number of “bad air days” permitted.

Why are we in the EU again? the costs incurred for what the country receives is ludicrous , those in the peripheral european countries are protesting at austerity measures and tomorrow mass protest is expected in London,  even the guardian in an editorial has said “Never before has the EU’s political elite been so far apart from its citizens, or so fragmented.” however whether the elite will listen to the people is a forgone conclusion, only shock tactics are going to work now,


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