engineer Clegg

As we have come to expect of Nick Clegg, the public is always ‘clegged’, from the general election television debates and the pathetic Liberal Democrat manifesto which did not stand up to scrutiny, to the tuition fees debacle and now the social engineering he is pushing through, along with IDS, which they call ‘social mobility’. It is another collection of policies straight from the Blair playbook, Clegg has been on the airwaves, making speeches and writing articles all day, about his plans for ‘social mobility’ a key theme being, getting the poorest or less well off onto the ladder through internships and the like, without the young having to know the right people or have the cash to pay for such internships and ladders up.

Though we learn of Clegg’s own step-up came from his own father, the standard has an ‘exclusive’ of how his daddy got him a leg up and an internship at a bank, the same applies to his education at Westminster and Cambridge. Though, not one to bash the rich or bankers etc, it is ironic that Nick Clegg feels the need to follow the Blair rules of designing the way society looks and works through policy, yes it may be unfair that poorer children cannot go to the top schools, but this approach is also unfair.

I could not agree more with David Davis bringing back grammar schools would be a better option than those proposed by the coalition government, the new schools as Davis says will enable those already ‘well-off’ to give their own children a good education while that said education remains free unlike the private sector schools.

Rather than forcing the top universities to take on adolescents who are not up to standards or cannot afford the tuition, academic selection would allow those children to shine through, and most likely achieve a scholarship. The free schools at the moment, are few, so even if poor children are given a place, the numbers are not significant.

Michael Gove’s educational policy (what children will actually learn) is good, but with Clegg interfering the direction of government education policies as a whole are muddled and I believe going in the wrong direction.


The most alarming proposal of all coming in the social mobility package is the so-called ‘report card’ which will track the advance (or decline) in social mobility over seven stages, again out of the nulab instruction manual; quotas, targets and in the end probably manipulation of the figures. As though the people are not intruded upon enough this is another abuse of our liberties and should not go ahead.

Another example of the coalitions abuse of power, it has NO mandate for this policy, like so many others, I do not recollect this social engineering idea being put forward to the country last May and if it had, I do not think it would have been accepted nor voted for. When will those in number 10 Downing St recognise the fact that their policies have a limited mandate, and that they cannot force their ‘revolutionary’ plans upon the country?


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  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Bloody good article, Pixilady! have tweeted this – seeing as you don’t appear to have…….. 🙂

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