Lack of blogging is due to the ‘provider’ Vodafone, and their pathetic service, connection chooses when to work and when it cannot be bothered, and the people manning the phones are inevitably thick. the costs of mobile broadband with vodafone (purchased btw in a somewhat emergency last year) are high and the value is nil, the network is extremely patchy and usage limits mean I have been charged double the costs some months, not much I can do now until june when the contract ends and has been cancelled for then.

The government, is continueing the trend set by Gordon Brown, as chancellor, punishing smokers etc. with their sin taxes, this article states what the Chancellor of the Exchequer set out in the Budget book, yet quite missed telling the nation in his speech, only saying that there were no changes from the last budget.

Anyhow, the price of the tobacco at 25 grams, that I purchase has jumped up to £7.10 in some shops at the corner shops £7.49+, this is extortion, as Big Brother Watch has stated . This is a jump of over one pound since george osbornes first budget.

It is social engineering, an apparent slap in the face of liberty and freedom, Smoking may be harmful to your health, but over the years with both the prices rising extremely fast, and the persistent campaigns to encourage stop smoking, the public has been inundated with anti-smoking propaganda, if those who want to smoke still are why are they being treated like criminals, receiving penalties beyond belief.

This will surely encourage smuggling and fraudulent behaviour, it was already the case that people were resorting to buying counterfeit tobacco and cigarettes, I refuse to buy these since you may as well buy crack on the street not knowing what is in it.

So there is no real option (I can think of) but to give up, if you do not want to pay these extortionate prices or buy counterfeit products, other than stop smoking or going on holiday quite often to buy them it flies in the face of the aims set out by the coalition document and the objective of the Freedom Bill.

As for the social engineering this is, theres more today from Nick Clegg and IDS in the telegraph.





10 Responses to Extortion.

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Wondered about your silence Pixilady, now I know…..

    I too had noticed the price hike in Golden Virginia and was about to say summat, but as you have beat me to it, won’t now bother.

    Your point about social engineering and being contrary to the aims of the Freedom Bill are well made.

    As to the cost, ask around. Locally we have someone who brings it back regularly and charges £4.50 for 25grams, meaning he makes a not unreasonable profit even after fuel and ferry costs. (GV is not all that he brings back natch!)

    • pixijade says:

      Yes in the budget it changed the way tobacco/cigarettes are priced so they are all similar price so a 20pack of cigarettes is the same as 25g of tobacco, and it does not take the brand into consideration, other than a few pennies difference.
      I have tried those imports before, but do not trust the quality, as i said like crack they add things to the tobacco, to bulk it up meaning you do not know what your smoking.

      Glad to see your issue with Mr Schapps and Cameron is moving forward 🙂

  2. WitteringWitney says:


    “Every possible encouragement should be given to privateering in time of war.” — Thomas Jefferson

    And it is a war we are in!

  3. Sue says:

    50g of Golden Virginia in Spain is now 7.26 euros. A pack of 10 x 50g is on special offer of 67 euros. Quite a difference.

    Aren’t Vodafone breaking the terms of their contract with that sort of service?

  4. Sue says:

    My daughters friend has the same problem with her Vodafone dongle.

    I can comfortably chat and video from Spain to the UK and she can’t talk to her friend 5 miles away and use the cam..

    Vodafone are crap that’s for sure.

  5. Sue says:

    What gets me is my packet of GV is all in Spanish except for one little bit “Made in England”. I get so angry.

    A quick awayday to Malaga to get your Bacci/Fags would probably work out cheaper than buying it in the UK. Malaga Airport is being completely refurbished and there are now enough designer shops, cafe’s and restaurants to keep you occupied for a few hours.

    • pixijade says:

      Thanks for that Sue, am looking into it, someone told me, that you had to stay in a country in europe for 24hrs to buy things and bring them back?

  6. Sue says:

    I don’t think so. I’ll see if I can find something on it. I can’t see MEP’s falling for that one.

    Says nothing on Heathrow website

    I’ve never heard that before.

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