no confidence

The NHS proposals put forward by Andrew Lansley and the coalition seem to be going nowhere, fast. yesterday the Royal College of Nursing gave the Lansley plans a vote of no confidence which is apparently unprecedented.

on the question of competition in the NHS and thus european regulations involvement,    here is an article by , yes, Toynbee back in January of the Lansley plans for the NHS reforms

“For the first time the entire NHS has been put under competition law. The financial and clinical safety of NHS foundation trusts used to be the responsibility of the regulator, Monitor. Now its website proclaims: “The first of Monitor’s three core functions is to promote competition.” That means “enforcing competition law” and “removing anti-competitive behaviour”. Few yet understand the nuclear nature of this. It compels every NHS activity to be privately tendered. If the NHS is the preferred provider, that can be challenged in the courts or referred to the Competition Commission. Red-in-tooth-and-claw commercial competition breaks all partnerships.”

it is worth taking a look at the monitor

website and following the link to its various publications to get a clearer picture of just what this coalition government plans for the NHS, the economic regulations which they call ‘liberating the NHS’ if implemented will in fact be in line with EU directives (no surprise).

The current ‘listening exercise’ may result in changes to legislation yet, the Bill is more than half way through Parliament, it looks like another stitch up by the liberal democrats, whereby they continue to be the tail wagging the dog. At first Clegg and co. were in favour of the Health Bill only now it seems with media attention have they backtracked and realised their influence in the coalition can be used to alter the health reforms and are hoping to gain a bit of public support in the process, (they need it and May 5th is ever closer)

Whichever way you look at the Health Bill and the process the government has taken, much blame should be put at Camerons door; his style of governing is pitiful to say the least. Taking the back seat in every area until it is picked up by the media, is no way to run the country.


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