Huhne are you kidding?

Andrew Grice of the independent amongst others have made speculations of an early election, which may seem farfetch to some but I would not go as far to say it will not happen, for the easter break saw Chris Huhne, Nick Clegg, Simon Hughes etc, all wade into the AV debate criticising their coalition partners in the most undignified language.

Nick Clegg spoke at the weekend of a “right-wing clique”/ elite and of lies coming from the conservative party and its opposition to AV, one has to wonder if the liberal democrats realise they are in coalition government not in opposition, the tone of such talk is suited best to the schoolyard not British politics.

Calling their counterparts liars and cons, hardly promotes the type of government which last year both conservative and liberal democrat parties said would be in the national interest; concilliatory and colliegiate. thus the whole AV debate is unsurprisingly, putting much of the public off political interaction and is actually not concerning the issues of voting systems anymore.The liberal democrats have turned it into a political point scoring match which they are sure to lose.

If an early election is called, the outcome would not be anymore decisive as the 2010 election, the conservative party is on a par with Labour in most polls and the liberal democrats stand to lose a fair proportion of the vote, similar to their desired PR voting system they would end up with a handful of seats  due to their performance in government and reneging on manifesto promises.

Cameron is unlikely to secure a majority, even though some see him as fitting to his position as PM in number 10, it is likely I believe another coalition would have to be formed only this time Ed Miliband would likely gain enough votes to form a coalition with the libdems, if one were to be held any time soon.

The fact that this country has only the current lib/lab/con as any possible government is a travesty, all three leaders are unrepresentative of the people they purport to represent. And the present debates being had in politics are false, the real issues that need to be discussed are Europe; our membership, the economic consequences of membership and sovereignty of both our nation and laws made in Parliament. Only when these viable candidates i.e. lib/lab/con start talking about this will this country move forward and prosper once again.

As an early election is being discussed, all three leaders have people within their own parties seeking their positions, Ed Balls is obviously waiting in the wings for Ed Milibands place, Cameron faces regular rebellion with the conservative party now seeming to realise they chose the wrong David (Davis) and Nick Clegg has one Mr Huhne on his tail making the most transparent moves over the weekend -on the AV referendum- seeking approval from the leftist majority in the party.

The early election though, greatly depends on the outcome of the AV referendum, if a ‘no’ vote prevails Clegg suffers and Cameron will be safe for a while while the opposite is true if a ‘yes’ vote is given. we shall wait and see.


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