oh dear, oh dear.

David Cameron’s “calm down, dear” performance yesterday at PMQ’s in the HoC was I believe nothing much but a joke, which the Labour party has used as an excuse to gain a bit of media attention, which they are struggling to achieve- what with no policy or anything representing an alternative to the coalition government.

But Cameron’s recent performances in the House of Commons have proven to be of the flashman type, he is often accused of.

When Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, the arrogance of David Cameron was plain to see, only now that he is the Prime Minister, he has an authority and powers which are unsuited to the attitude he has. I would not call it bullying, but given the nature of his title and the office he holds, it would be a good idea if he toned down the pretentious act.

Camerons performance has been portrayed as arrogant, watching it again, it is clear to see that the ‘most annoying’ politician Ed Balls is egging him on, even so, Cameron is starting to gain a reputation of a flashman type, exactly what he seems not to want to portray to the public. His insistence on trying to hide his background; the bullingdon club photo’s, his attire, are some of the reasons for  his ‘detoxification’ project of the conservative party, it is coming undone. Cameron speaks before he thinks, not only in his put-downs, but policy announcements and in interviews. he is an accident waiting to happen.


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