no, no, no.

the results for yesterday’s local council, scottish and welsh parliaments and the AV referendum are still being counted, results so far show that the liberal democrats have rightfully been given a bashing at the polls, Ed Milibands Labour party has -again- rightfully not gained as many seats as they hoped for and the conservative party has held up in most seats, losing only a minimum of seats and gaining a few elsewhere.

The Scottish result is most damaging to Labour, where they have basically handed Alex Salmond the right to propose and hold a referendum on Scottish independence, which would be a travesty if it were to come to pass.

The AV referendum result, though, is the one to watch as it will have the most impact on British politics than any of the other elections that took place yesterday. Both within the main parties at Westminster themselves and thus the country at large.

Already the Liberal Democrats have begun their whining, manouvering and backstabbing; Nick clegg has  said that the coalition may be seen to mirror the effect of the worst memories of Thatcher on radio 4 this morning, and funnily enough William Hague agreed with Nick, no need to guess were his priorities lie.

It is a bit rich of Clegg, since all coalition policy thus far has had his and the lib dems backing, throughout the AV campaign we have seen lib dems Huhne, Tim Farron and Simon Huhges all have their own digs at the governments of Margaret Thatcher, which to my knowledge were a damn sight better than this administartion. It seems to come from (increasingly) the leftist/socialist brigade, Thatcher bashing when in a tight spot, it is remarkable; I will not go into all her achievements, assets nor faults but, her conviction and courage is something not seen since she left office.

When the liberal democrats w ake up to the fact that they are part of this coalition government and stop acting like spoilt brats, maybe the coalitions programme for government will have some good effect on the country, thus far, the economy has stagnated and the debt nor  deficit has not declined much, we are integrating closer into the europeaan union, we are fighting Wars with a downgraded military etc etc… whilst the Liberal Democrats -a party of 57- are still calling the shots.

David Cameron should  take some of the blame too for allowing this to progress, though, the LD’s are bringing down the coalition slowly and the country is as I see it not safe in their hands.

All conservative MPs, need to do is say no, no, no.