speaking in tongues

Just when you thought the madness of the european integrationists was at a  standstill, they push ahead further and probably faster, the crises of the eurozone, with Greece  particularly in the spotlight. The pursuit of further integration and more europe, still drives the minds of the europhiles, so detached from the realities that europe faces,
they see the only solution to the problems as more and more europe, regardless of what the people of these member states believe, need or want, regardless of economic realities and regardless of democratic legitimacy (lack thereof).

The EU summit last week discussed (mainly) the issue of the Greek economy, the debt ridden -once soveriegn- nation who will sooner or later have to default on its debts (partially or otherwise), nearly every economist predicts a Greek default, one way or another. Europe has few options to choose from, about the way they wish to react to the crises.

george Papandreou the Greek PM, will try on Tuesday to push through the Greek parliament the austerity measures required by the troika, in order for the Greek to receive the next tranch fromthe first bailout last year.
Opposition party New Democracy (apt) maintains they will vote against, the people of Greece, are unlikely to accept more austerity since, thus far the first bailout, austerity measures and reform seem to have had little effect.

eurocrat talk, initiated by one Angela Merkel, proposing that borrowers take ‘volutary’ losses, and an introduction of debt guarantees proposed by Alex Weber , the former Bundesbank chief, Sarkozy\’s ideaof private investment funds helping the bailout, amongst other initiatives coming from euroland are in reality trying ot fiddle the situation, economists and the markets have said many atime that any restructuring of the debt (in whatever form) will be seen as default. Together with the the unlikely event that Greece can reform its finances before 2013 when the EFSM package is intended to be introduced, Greece is not going to repay its debt, full stop.
Over here in blighty we have to witness the ‘\”genuinely eurosceptic\” David Cameron who insists that Britain will not play a part in the bailout, he blatantly forgot to mention our participation through the IMF, and even then as the eu keeps “kicking the can down the road”, making up new rules as we go along _ bailouts are illegal under the ‘constitution’- and as we have in David Cameron a europhile premier of the highest proportions, Britain can expect to be dragged into funding the Greeks further.

You may of noticed the attention theat the new ‘moderate eurosceptics’ have been getting in the prees, after the letter by 14 of them in the FT calling for a change in policy toward Europe. For some time there has been talk of the ’40’ who are of the 2010 general election intake, these are supposedly moderaters and modernisers, but ‘very eurosceptic’. The likes of George Eustice, Priti Patel etc… however looking at their records it can be said that the new intake are simply additions to the cameroon pack, talking the talk, tripping over when they need to walk.

The above link from conhome by Eustice makes patently clear the mirage they have painted themselves, that he says of Cameron that: “We now have a genuinely eurosceptic Prime Minister who is better placed to deliver than any of his predecessors, including Thatcher. He means business,”
is beyond parody, though should not be laughed at, if these are the sorts of people we have in Parliament, -notwithstanding the european union- directing policy then we are in serious trouble, the media are playing along, the opposition is a shambles and most of the country has not woken up to the facts.



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who is steve hilton?

David Cameron, is filling out the scroll, of how many (m)uck ups he can make, week after week, day by day more uturns on coalition policy are made.

The person David Cameron, relies on most is steve hilton who is described as the “pint-sized Rasputin”, he is behind the conservative modernisation or ‘detox’ programme, from the beginning of the Cameron leadership, he has played an influential role  getting Dave to ride on his bike to work (with a driver behind him), hugging huskies , right down to the conservative party’s logo change to a type of tree.

he is described as david cameron’s secret weapon (£) , but is he? Hilton has often been called  the backbone of the modern conservative party and the coalitions reforms, directing policy and initiatives in policy areas such as the NHS, the ‘red-tape challenge’ etc. But all his re-branding and decontamination, didn’t help Cameron win a majority, so why is he so influential?

Today in the Mail it is noted that

“One person who works with No10 complains that Hilton ‘doesn’t understand the process you need to go through to make things happen, how to pull the levers of power. Saying stuff doesn’t make it so’.”

Quite, the whole programme for government of the coalition, is based on this pretence, that announcements  are made and therefore implemented when this is and has never been the case. The government governs by headline, by this they create the headline then only afterwards make the plans to implement them, only later realising that the polivy will not work.

In the same article it is said

“Hilton dreams up policy ideas in an instant and wants them implemented immediately.”

such amateur behaviour is not suited to British government, as most people know, but the coalition has not yet grasped.

It is evident Cameron follows where Hilton leads, the fact that steve hilton was reported as threatening to quit his role in government, makes one hope he does, then for Cameron to follow his lead.

such amateur behaviour is not suited to British government, as most people know, but the coalition has not yet grasped.

european disunion

The crisis ongoing in Greece at the moment, the strikes, the riots, the lack of a clear direction for the country, a government in office but without power –over its economy or otherwise-, etc.

Is emblematic of the dilemma facing the entire European union, whilst the media report on the Greeks striking and rioting over austerity measures forced upon the country by the EU, ECB, IMF it is also a case of, nationalism. Like most nation states they believe themselves to be sovereign and therefore see a patriotic duty in fighting off those institutions demanding further austerity, it is debatable as to whose error it is that this is the situation they face (afternoon siesta’s, early retirements and an overblown public sector, are obvious contributers)  though it also clear that the EU and ECB are only out to save their own skins, for fear of contagion across the eurozone and eu member states, with Germans economy likely to take the biggest haircut were Greece to default, exit the euro or both.

Our masters in Brussels, unashamedly require the living standards and livelihoods of those in Europe to diminish for the sake of a united Europe, evidently the peripheral countries in the eurozone or the PIIGS, should not have signed up to such an agreement, the European elite are trapped in the belief that if they wish away the problems it will all work out fine, and the united states of Europe will be on course to true realization, the truth is that the peoples of eu nation states are at odds with their leaders.

British people (a majority) would like a referendum on our membership of the club, the German’s are reluctant to pay for the profligacy of PIIGS, the Finnish recently voted overwhelmingly in favour of the eurosceptic true finns party, the Portuguese, Irish and Greeks are fed up with the eu as are Spain, the majority of EU citizens are unhappy with the institution, the way it works, its leaders, the overall direction and at the top of the list the dictatorial attitudes of the Union in handing down the rules of governance beyond its remit.

In the United Kingdom, we face the farce of a ‘conservative’ prime minister and his foreign secretary posing as eurosceptics, the EU Bill is a case in point the referendum lock, has been voted down by the HoL with Lord’s passing an amendment that will make the lock expire at the end of each parliament, whether or not the commons vetoes this, is no reassurance since no Parliament can bind its successor.

As for the British economy, Europe has plans to interfere in this matter, too. George Osborne and/or treasury minister(s) are to be summoned by Brussels (the commission) to appear before them to explain Britain’s economic policies, and the commission is to scrutinise whether Britain’s economic policies are in accordance with the EUs overall strategy.

Early in David Cameron’s leadership of the conservative party in opposition, he made clear he wanted the issue of Europe -to not be an issue, and for the conservatives to stop “banging on” about Europe. The reality of the situation is Europe is at the forefront of many of the governments’ problems, the PM and those around him must wake up to this fact and act upon it, holding a referendum on our membership is an ideal way of beginning the process. Though, since Cameron+co are reluctant to do this or for that matter to raise the issue, a start would be for Chancellor Osborne and Cameron to renegotiate our contributions not only to the bailouts but the union as a whole.

election 2015?

Only 1423 days to go, until the next general election  (according to the coalition agreement), and from d\’ancona we read that “senior adviser Steve Hilton – often warn him that one term may well be all that this Government gets. Hilton sees it as his responsibility to shake Cameron into acting as if these are the only five years he has: seize the Dave, so to speak.”

Indeed, as has been obvious for some time, Cameron may have the personality of Mr Blair, but he does not have the capability to win an election, it cannot be repeated more often, up against one of the most unpopular Prime Minister’s in recent times Cameron blew his chance, having fixed himself the top job and  fixed the terms (five years), it is most likely he will only have the one term -if that.

With the constant uturns, the failed ‘detoxification process, and his high self regard, Cameron fails to see his faults through his supposed good traits, which even then can often be attributed to luck.

George Osborne was/is campaign manager for general elections, as well as being chancellor D’ancona goes on…

The alternative perspective is one with which we became familiar in the New Labour era – namely, that the fundamental purpose of a government is to get re-elected. This view is increasingly ascribed to George Osborne

He, after all, is personally responsible for the most radical and risky proposals that this Coalition has undertaken, and he is under huge pressure to translate policy boldness into political dividend. It would be absurd to accuse Osborne, of all people, of timidity. At the same time, he is the Government’s key political strategist, as well as its fiscal crusader, the man charged with winning the next election (May 7, 2015, according to the Coalition Agreement) – and with avoiding the misery of a second hung Parliament.

Having set course to wipe out the deficit, Osborne’s eyes are now firmly fixed on election day 2015, the reduction of the number of constituencies from 650 to 600, and the new boundary commission reports due by October 2013.”

The fact that the government and the prospect of an overall majority for the conservatives at the next election, rely on the economy picking up and Osborne being able to tell the country he managed to get the economy back on track. The conservatives under cameron and osborne will require a lot more luck, the way it looks, whilst unemployment is down and the cost of debt are reasonable, it is not guaranteed to last, for if the British economy does not start producing real growth than the deficit will not reduce substantially enough. And with the coalition programme only expected to cut the deficit at a rate of 1% more than the Alistair Darling plan would of, it is not likely that the prosperity envisaged by dave and george will come to fruition,

I suspect that as with most coalition policy it will have to be revised, not due to the usual media or focus group opposition  but through the force of the markets. i also believe that the coalition will split before 2015, leaving “the misery of a second hung parliament” a viable prospect.

all relative

the Sunday’s are full of personality politics, still it matters all the same, the people central to their respective political parties shape the direction of the party they represent and determine political discourse should they gain power.

Following friday’s leaks by the telegraph theres  the guardians ‘exclusive’ the speech that never was, from the other Miliband, David, the book on the milibands and the crowing from the ‘big beasts’ of the labour party.Something’s up here, rightly, the labour party since Ed Miliband became leader, have failed spectacularly to gain any traction in the media, rightly because they haven’t anything like resembling a credible alternative themselves to the coalitions  policies for the problems the country faces, and rightly they should dispose of him.

it is curious that the Ed Balls file leaks and the David Miliband speech, the Miliband book and chatter of removing Ed Miliband have emerged all in the same week, that Tony blair swept back into town to promote his paperback version of his own memoirs, A Journey, It may be coincidence, then again maybe not-apparently the leaks are not from the same source- the Labour party though (mainly Blairites) must of realised that Ed Miliband is the wrong leader if the party is to get back into government and not spend the next decade and more in opposition.

Those david miliband supporters may just be bitter, it exposes the fact that the party is still divided along the TB/GB lines, and those in the most prominent roles Ed Balls Ed Miliband etc consist mainly of Brownites and those that are the most likely briefers against them are the Blairites recently departed to the backbenches.

the labour party might change, it held onto Gordon Brown for so long after it became obvious he was an election loser even with all the botched coups, it realises that Ed won’t win them a general election either (not an outright majority anyway), and just now neither the conservatives nor labour want another coalition government.

Whilst Ed M has no plan for his party, the coalition does not have a credible opposition party, sufficiently opposing its program, ed Miliband is a blessing to the coalition and David cameron can rest easy knowing Ed is  leader of the labour party, but for the conservative party it is not all good news, whilst Cameron is PM driving a social democrat policy agenda through, many of the traditional conservative policies/programmes which are needed are not being implemented.

and as we are constantly being reminded of  tony blair\’squalities and three election victories it is predictable that all parties want an outright majority at the next general election, after all the gossip about the labour party this week, what remains of the conservative party should be thinking about their own successor to David Cameron and working on that outright majority themselves, labour looks like it will be fighting amongst itself for the forseeable future.


It is no surprise the revelations today in the telegraph of the plot to oust Blair; it has been repeated over and over again, many times, only now we have documents and notes written by all those involved.

I doubt it will affect Ed Milliband’s chances of becoming Prime Minister, he is doing a pretty good job himself of squandering his prospects, it is though clear that someone(s) out to get Balls and to ensure he never becomes the leader of the labour party.

The disclosures do however expose the vacuum at the heart of the labour party and British politics in the round; if we consider the file leaks and  peter oborne\’s analyses; Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander who were at the centre of the Brownite ‘plots’ are now at the helm of the labour party in opposition whilst we have Cameron carrying forth the Blairite agenda on the centre-left promoting what they call the ‘progressive’ politics.

The programme thus far of the coalition has been governing in this manner since it began, knowing full well what damage was done in nulabs time. Some of those scribbles of Brown’s have some coherence, the politics of today is based on spin, personality, false-truths and the news cycle, that newspapers like the telegraph  play the cameroon tune is a mockery of the assumption that they publish what is in the public interest without ulterior motives.

Note too, that Oborne plugs Tony Blairs new book and is often supportive of nulab type policies that come out of this coalition, the telegraph since Simon Heffer left as a newspaper has been moving in this direction so it is suspicious as to how they got hold of the files and the motives behind the leaks.

no thankyou, mr president

Yesterday saw Tony Blair running around the airwaves and msm, promoting his paperback version of the Cameron bible

the most alarming thing to hear from the ex-PM was his talk of the need for an elected president of the European Union, whilst the unelected van rompuy and ashton are pathetic in their roles, it is possible that keeping these posts unelected deny them and the EU the legitimacy it so craves.

Though, I don’t get past the paywall, the extracts available seem to show just what Blair has in mind, a EU president would seek to make the dream of a federal europe a realisation, with ultimate tax, spending, foreign, trade etc.. powers  which would reign supreme over nation states, not that the EU is not moving in this direction already, but it proves that the european elite are on another planet when the troubles faced are so immense.

Diane Abbott is against the idea, but then she never liked Blair, the role of president would inevitably go to shoe-in chosen prior to elections, as has been seen so far with the top job at the IMF.

No doubt Mr Blair is making moves behind the scenes right now, and with quisling dave as Prime Minister no doubt he will give his blessing. withdrawal from the whole project is now needed sooner rather than later, before we get dragged into deeper intergration, making it even harder to get out.


We have endured 13 months of the conservative-liberal democrat coalition thus  far, of which cannily resemble those 13 years of nuLab this country had to endure, though unlike those long nulab years the Cameron government has upped the pace of wreckage, and has speedily become a shambles -at best.

With the entire cabinet lacking in integrity and conviction, it is no wonder we have seen the endless u-turns, policy ‘pauses’ and consultations, the shambolic performance of the coalition from the NHS shake-up to selling off our forests debacles, leadership has been left found wanting. As Prime Minister David Cameron has performed pitifully, as though he were only an actor playing a role, the real effort and hard work needed for the office he holds is not on display.

No matter which way you look at it, the coalition lacks a democratic mandate, it was not voted for specifically by the public it was cooked up by camclegg over those few days last May, and so the coalition should  therefore not be coming out with such drastic changes to the country with its policy initiatives. So to hear  today from another one of those  cameroon puppets ben brogan,  of the mutterings behind the scenes of a plan for the coalition to disband around 2013 and become a confidence and supply operation whereby the liberal democrats will support a minority ‘conservative’ government with Cameron remaining as Prime Minister is a complete affront to the notion of  democracy. Cameron was the real loser at the general election last year, it was evident that Gordon Brown would take his party down with him and cleggmania was just that a mania, a sweeping fad more suited to a reality show. The reasons he lost are clear, a investigation from lord ashcroft is not needed, he thought he could win on the back of his personality and billboard promo’s, which he continues to believe will see him through the course of the Parliament.

Were a confidence and supply arrangement to prevail, i believe it would crash and burn pretty quickly forcing a general election, even with the fixed-terms Bill which they whipped through parliament , what is most concerning though  is, within Westminster there is no party or person with the courage of their convictions who can steer the country in the right direction, todays PMQ\’s  was emblematic of the problem faced, an opposition who like the government and their predecessors choose soundbite over substance. It really is up to the *people*


It has been a while since I last posted due to personal reasons and finding an internet connection i would advise against using vodafone! however I shall be posting regularly again for those few that read  the blog, whilst I have been offline I have still been reading other blogs and keeping up to date with the goings on in politics and current affairs.

Quite a lot has happened, and yet the situation has not changed much. But there are refreshing  signs that things are moving forward, I have been intrigued with Mr North’s idea  of referism over at eureferendum, as well as independent political blogger\’s which are both a bit of what is needed if we are to move forward.

However, as can be seen here and here, and here amongst other places, the msm and the bumptious likes of tim montgomerie, james forsyth and peter oborne continue to prove to be merely Cameron lapdogs, spitting out the cameroon tune; they are either applying for a job in the cameroon circle or are pathetically ignorant to the facts.

The politico’s in the  bubble of Westminster continue to talk amongst themselves and in doing so are deaf to the realities of ‘ordinary folk’. with the politicians and the msm hand in hand they are in agreement with eachother on issues, which if they look outside the bubble would see that theyare contrarient with the peoples priorities.

As for the goings on within the EU it is apparent that the eurozone is crumbling before us and the longer that those in power try to prop it up (pdf) , the worse the end outcome will be, and yet we have a prime minister all to happy to join in

blogging has resumed.