It is no surprise the revelations today in the telegraph of the plot to oust Blair; it has been repeated over and over again, many times, only now we have documents and notes written by all those involved.

I doubt it will affect Ed Milliband’s chances of becoming Prime Minister, he is doing a pretty good job himself of squandering his prospects, it is though clear that someone(s) out to get Balls and to ensure he never becomes the leader of the labour party.

The disclosures do however expose the vacuum at the heart of the labour party and British politics in the round; if we consider the file leaks and  peter oborne\’s analyses; Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander who were at the centre of the Brownite ‘plots’ are now at the helm of the labour party in opposition whilst we have Cameron carrying forth the Blairite agenda on the centre-left promoting what they call the ‘progressive’ politics.

The programme thus far of the coalition has been governing in this manner since it began, knowing full well what damage was done in nulabs time. Some of those scribbles of Brown’s have some coherence, the politics of today is based on spin, personality, false-truths and the news cycle, that newspapers like the telegraph  play the cameroon tune is a mockery of the assumption that they publish what is in the public interest without ulterior motives.

Note too, that Oborne plugs Tony Blairs new book and is often supportive of nulab type policies that come out of this coalition, the telegraph since Simon Heffer left as a newspaper has been moving in this direction so it is suspicious as to how they got hold of the files and the motives behind the leaks.


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  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Very well said pixilady – no offence but this probably your best post ever!

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