no thankyou, mr president

Yesterday saw Tony Blair running around the airwaves and msm, promoting his paperback version of the Cameron bible

the most alarming thing to hear from the ex-PM was his talk of the need for an elected president of the European Union, whilst the unelected van rompuy and ashton are pathetic in their roles, it is possible that keeping these posts unelected deny them and the EU the legitimacy it so craves.

Though, I don’t get past the paywall, the extracts available seem to show just what Blair has in mind, a EU president would seek to make the dream of a federal europe a realisation, with ultimate tax, spending, foreign, trade etc.. powers  which would reign supreme over nation states, not that the EU is not moving in this direction already, but it proves that the european elite are on another planet when the troubles faced are so immense.

Diane Abbott is against the idea, but then she never liked Blair, the role of president would inevitably go to shoe-in chosen prior to elections, as has been seen so far with the top job at the IMF.

No doubt Mr Blair is making moves behind the scenes right now, and with quisling dave as Prime Minister no doubt he will give his blessing. withdrawal from the whole project is now needed sooner rather than later, before we get dragged into deeper intergration, making it even harder to get out.


One Response to no thankyou, mr president

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    NIcely put pixilady, nicely put!

    The problem with has-beens like Blair is their still ‘being’ – and it is said there is no case for capital punishment!

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