who is steve hilton?

David Cameron, is filling out the scroll, of how many (m)uck ups he can make, week after week, day by day more uturns on coalition policy are made.

The person David Cameron, relies on most is steve hilton who is described as the “pint-sized Rasputin”, he is behind the conservative modernisation or ‘detox’ programme, from the beginning of the Cameron leadership, he has played an influential role  getting Dave to ride on his bike to work (with a driver behind him), hugging huskies , right down to the conservative party’s logo change to a type of tree.

he is described as david cameron’s secret weapon (£) , but is he? Hilton has often been called  the backbone of the modern conservative party and the coalitions reforms, directing policy and initiatives in policy areas such as the NHS, the ‘red-tape challenge’ etc. But all his re-branding and decontamination, didn’t help Cameron win a majority, so why is he so influential?

Today in the Mail it is noted that

“One person who works with No10 complains that Hilton ‘doesn’t understand the process you need to go through to make things happen, how to pull the levers of power. Saying stuff doesn’t make it so’.”

Quite, the whole programme for government of the coalition, is based on this pretence, that announcements  are made and therefore implemented when this is and has never been the case. The government governs by headline, by this they create the headline then only afterwards make the plans to implement them, only later realising that the polivy will not work.

In the same article it is said

“Hilton dreams up policy ideas in an instant and wants them implemented immediately.”

such amateur behaviour is not suited to British government, as most people know, but the coalition has not yet grasped.

It is evident Cameron follows where Hilton leads, the fact that steve hilton was reported as threatening to quit his role in government, makes one hope he does, then for Cameron to follow his lead.

such amateur behaviour is not suited to British government, as most people know, but the coalition has not yet grasped.


2 Responses to who is steve hilton?

  1. WitteringWitney says:

    Good post pixilady with some memorable turns of phrase – which I shall nick for future use!

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