Wittering Witney has coined the word Cameronspeak refering to the lack of substance, false arguments and statistics, and the ‘clever’ way he words his sentences. Witney’s post prior to Cameronspeak, roll up roll up points to the many times Cameron tells us he and the coalition are “rolling up our sleeves” , supposedly to do some of the hard work required in the governance of the country.

Cameron is just full of catchphrases, one of his favourites is”let me be clear” which it seems he has been using for years now, it often precedes sentence(s) littered with obfuscations, falsehoods, half-truths and more often lies damned lies. Examples include:  here and  here and here and here, and here and here.

There are more still, though you get the point. In George Orwell’s 1984, newspeak removes all meaning from words, and leaves simple dichotomies, which suits the ‘party’ in the aim to make any alternative thinking (thought-crime) impossible. Cameronspeak, similarly removes all meaning from words and leaves simple dichotomies, but the intention is to beguile and mislead the audience, to confuse and deflect attention away from the issues concerned, and to give off the impression of actual depth to what is being said while saying nothing at all.